Using Data Visualization To Illustrate A Development Team’s Time

If you visit our office you would see several people sitting at desks with large monitors, typing. What is it exactly,  they’re doing? Explaining what our developers do on a daily basis to a client is tough. Each developer works on several different projects at one point and time. Understanding the value our team creates for each and every client, is a complex conversation. So much so that we thought, it would be easier to make a video to illustrate what it is our developers do each and every day, instead of articulating it. The video below is a visual representation showcasing what our developers have worked on from September 2014 to January 2015. For a full description of what you’re viewing, please see below.

The icons in the video that look similar to little spaceships, represent our developers. Each time the spaceships shoot out a line and hit a small dot, that represents when a developer is actually touching a file, updating it by adding code or updating code to make it better. When you see new dots created, this represents when a developer creates a whole new set of files. When a whole chunk suddenly appears, this usually means they have spent an entire week or several days worth of work and pushed that code to a client’s website. If a dot disappears, a developer discovered they no longer need a file and deleted it from the system. As you can see with the activity, our developers have been quite busy.

We understand data visualization as taking complex data and finding a way to make it easy to see and making it more meaningful. If you are interested in exploring some of the different things we do with data visualization, whether it is similar to this video or maybe as simple as charts and graphs, reach out to us. We would love to find ways to help make your data more relevant.

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