Week 3: Tear Down to Build Up

Our new office is currently in week 3 of construction. This week we are removing the carpet and lights, tearing down walls and cabinets and adding tile and new lights fixtures. Week 3 is all about tearing things down in order to rebuild and renovate our new building.  Sometimes this approach can be applied to more than just construction. As our business grows, we must also redo our policies, procedures and our approach to our company as a whole. Switchbox must tear down some of our elements in order to rebuild into a bigger, better and more sustainable company.

For the past few quarters, Switchbox has done just that. While we expand, we are trying to get quicker, more efficient and smarter in our day to day operations. Everyone is stepping up to do their part at Switchbox. From creating more detailed reports to rebuilding our software, Switchbox is tearing down walls as a team in order to rebuild into a stronger company. We have set goals and timelines for ourselves, making us more determined than ever to work hard as a team and grow into the company we strive to be.