Week 4: Foundation

Week 4 of construction is a slow week for our new building. Before we can continue forward we must wait for certain details to arrive, like our cabinets and carpet. Because the inside of our building is at a standstill for the next few days, our attention is drawn to the exterior of the building, the foundation. When examining the blue sides, large windows and huge yard, it is easy to forget that the inside is in disarray. The exterior remains tall and sturdy, regardless of what it looks like inside.

Like many growing companies, Switchbox will inevitably continue to experience its fair share of growing pains. We will continue to adapt, change and grow as our company moves forward. However, like our new building, regardless of any challenges that may arise, the foundation of our company will remain sturdy and strong. The foundation of Switchbox is comprised of hard work, trust, talent and will always steer us in the correct direction. Having such a wonderful team at Switchbox assures us all that our company is capable of doing even greater things and we all look forward to sharing in the hard work and success that will surely come to this company.