What is a microsite?

That’s a great question.  A microsite can have a lot of meanings to different people but to us it’s a website that is intended to either be up for a short period of time or is intended to only have a tiny amount of content in order to test a market.  Switchbox launches about one microsite every month for a client.  Our clients have used them to push a large amount of SEO/SEM traffic to a site to collect emails or other contact info.  Some microsites are for short term goals like promoting a product launch, providing information for a county fair, disaster relief, or a corporate initiative.  We have launching these sites down to a science.  Typically the website design, web hosting, and site installation are all done in less then a week and the site can be hosted for as little at $10 a month.  If you need a quick promotion for your business give us a call and see if a microsite makes sense for what you are doing.  If you’re interested check out our quote page for developing a website.