Why Did My Coffee Pot Come With A Training DVD?

A few years ago, a good friend of mine bought me a new automated coffee machine. It had a built-in coffee grinder making an easy prep at night for fresh brewed coffee in the morning. The only problem was that this particular coffee maker came with a 30 page manual and training DVD. The machine brewed great coffee but in order to properly use the machine, it required a lot of learning. Everyday I had to rinse out three separate components with water, once a week I had to clean out a specific component with a brush that was provided and every several brews, I had to make sure the filter was replaced. Needless to say, making morning coffee had become quite complicated.

Using this coffee pot is proof that sometimes things are simply too complicated. The last thing I wanted to spend time doing was reading a 30 page manual, watching an instructional DVD or spending 20 minutes daily cleaning out my machine. I didn’t want to have to take 20 steps to make coffee, I just wanted one step between me sipping fresh coffee each morning.

Have any issues like this in your business? Maybe you started with a helpful report but overtime it has become too complicated. Perhaps at the beginning a spreadsheet was useful but now it has too many formulas to keep track of. Or, you have a website that was created to allow customers to retrieve information but now managing user accounts and updating account information has become cumbersome. If you feel you’re using a process that has become too complicated in your business, give us a call and we’ll create the simplicity.