Will Steve Jobs absence hurt Verizon’s launch of the iphone?

With the upcoming launch of the iPhone on Verizon network, how will Steve Jobs absence been viewed if the launch is not a success.

  • What happens if Verizon has issue?
  • What happens if there is a problem with the iPhone?
  • Will Verizon get the blame?
  • How long will Steve Jobs be gone?
  • Is this a publicity stunt?

Many investors are already jumping ship on the stock, which dropped $13 dollars a share today. Remeber when the first iPhone came on ATT’s network, think about how many little issues they had within those first few months. Since this is the iPhone’s first attempt on a CDMA network it will be interesting to see how many problems the first adopters of the Verizon iPhone have.

To Upgrade or Not?

Verizon has come out recently stating that they are getting rid of their new every two plan. They have also not released any information on how the upgrade pattern will work for Verizon iPhone’s. One of the best things about ATT as a company is that they have realized everyone wants the newest and greatest phone. If you give people the ability to buy a new phone and extend their contract two years to get the better price they will do it. That is why ATT, allows their customers to upgrade to the latest iPhone every June.

With Verizon launching an iPhone in the middle of cycle, not in June, how are they going to handle all the customers who bought the iPhone 4 in February but want to upgrade to the iPhone 5 when it comes in June. Are they going to tell them they have to pay full price? Are they going to allow the same upgrade plan that ATT does? A lot of Verizon customers are also waiting because whats the point of getting the new iPhone 4 if it is not on Verizon’s new LTE. It seems kind of weird that they wouldn’t wait and launch the best phone on the best new network.

It will be interesting to see how everything plays out over the next 6 months.

Written by Rob Carroll

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