Your website has been seized by the government?

In case you didn’t hear the US government just seized about 85,000 web domains because they didn’t bother to check who actually owned them or what sites they were linking to.  The real killer is that all of those website domains that they seized had a nice little notice that the site contained child pornography when in fact only a few did.  How would you feel if your clients went to your site today and it said you had been shut down by the US government with the nice little description of your crime?  See this link for more details .    BTW: The US Government needs a design firm to make their “We seized your site because you are a criminal” landing page look better.  If they ever put the website development out for RFP we can help.  Hopefully we can help on making sure they get the right domains and not the innocent ones.  Thanks to Sam for letting us know about this.